In computing, an interrupt (IRQ) is a command sent to the central processor (CPU), demanding its attention and calling for the initiation of a new task.
Interrupt 2012 is a three-day international studio celebrating writing and performance in digital media. It will feature readings, performances and screenings, along with Interrupt Discussion Sessions (IRQds), all aimed at investigating the theme of interruption in digital literary art and performance. Events will take place February 10 2012 on the Brown University campus.
Interrupt 2012 is organized by graduate and undergraduate students associated with Brown University’s Department of Literary Arts and RISD Digital+Media. As organizers, we are interested in the interruptions that digitally-mediated writing and performance can initiate, as well as in identifying the systematic functions that they can interrupt. Our aim is to create a studio, broadly conceived, in which invited guests and community members not only interrupt trends in the literary aesthetics, but execute their interruption routines as informed critiques of the sociopolitical forces that condition the very possibility of the expanded writing practices with which we engage.
All events are free and open to the public.